Head Cook

Department: Day


Job Title: HEAD COOK

Reports to: Administrator

Type of Position: Full-time

Hours: 40 / week, Non-exempt


• Hire, schedule and assign cook rotation • Maintain / schedules daily menus for regular and diabetic residents • Ensure resident’s dietary requirements are being achieved, addressing special dietary needs • Inventory control, by means of counting and portioning • Supervise, instruct, and train other cooks • Place orders and maintain excellent relations with vendors • Do kitchen audits, order, and special diets • Ensure all cooks have stocked their houses with daily needs, as well as, diabetic and regular snacks • Put away stock • Ensures all cooks follow daily menu • Ensures all cooks clean and maintain kitchen areas • Conduct cook audits to evaluate cook performance • Conduct kitchen audits to ensure facility is maintained and operational


• Minimum of 1 year supervisory experience (preferred) • Minimum of 3 year cook experience (preferred) • Excellent attendance record (fewer than 2 unexcused absences in any 30 day period) • Ability to successfully pass a drug screen and criminal history background check • Demonstrated leadership and assertiveness skills • Ability to successfully problem solve with co-workers and residents • Ability to communicate effectively • Excellent organizational and team skills


• Regularly standing cook stations for various lengths of time throughout shift. • Regularly walking throughout home, dining area and other common areas • Regularly crouching, kneeling, bending and twisting throughout shift. • Regularly lifting, pushing and/or pulling up to 50lbs.

Dennis Siller